Friday, July 25, 2008

Helpful info for sending mail to Heather

My address:
Heather Meader
P.O. Box 73
Bettles Field, AK 99726

•Small boxes are better – they are easier to cram into planes, snow mobiles etc.

•Package well – they will be tossed, jammed, dragged and possibly dropped out of a flying plane by the time they reach me.

•If you’re sending stuff between September and May make sure it can freeze. The back of a snowmobile or the inside of a Cessna 185 plane is NOT climate controlled.

•Put liquids in plastic bags incase they open.

•Package fragile stuff with newspaper so I don’t have to burn plastic and because its fun to read.

•If you can put things in reusable containers or ziplock bags please do.

•Keep in mind it could be months before I get it – no perishables or small children please.

•If there’s nothing fragile write: “OK to Airdrop” on letters and packages in case they get a chance to drop it out of a plane when they fly by.

•Magazines are fun!

•Letters are even better!

•Don’t be afraid to tell me about the messed up news stories – don’t worry it won’t depress me anymore then I already am. I’d rather find out while I’m out there then all at once when I come out.

•Please don’t send a lot of food or treats in one package – space them out. Although I love getting treats – I’ve recently found that when I get too much all at once then I get overwhelmed. It’s like I’ve just been teleported into a Co-op or Safeway. For example if you want to send me chocolate, send me one or two bars not a whole box.

•If you have come across some money and want to buy me something special that would be helpful out there, for Christmas or just for fun, but are at a loss as what to buy. Check and enter my first and last name: Heather Meader-McCausland. There’s small stuff like mosquito repellent and really expensive stuff like a nice cozy parka. There’s everything from books to toys to survival gear. You don’t have to buy it from the specific stores like Cabela’s, REI or – in fact I highly suggest you look around – especially with the REI gear. They are so over priced. If you purchase something on the wish list please ‘reserve it’ on the website so that other people know not to buy it.

•Cotton and non-cotton socks are always nice.

•Powdered WHOLE milk is also always nice as well as peanut butter.

•Bulk orders of basic staples such as flour, rice, noodles, Peanut Butter, Milk, Sugar etc. etc. are always very much appreciated. They can best be purchased through Span Alaska Last I checked you needed to order at least $100 worth of food – so it is probably best for several people to go into an order together.

•If you can ditch the packaging please do.

•I always try to write back. But please don’t be offended if I don’t write back or I write something very short. I have an injured shoulder that screams at me when I write letters and I need it to be happy so I can be out there and so I can work when I’m back in ‘civilization’.

•Keep in mind the mail delay when sending letters or waiting for a response. It can take several months for me to get your letter. Even if I read it and write you right away, it can take several months before I see a plane to send it out on. Yes, that means it might take up to 6 months to get a response, even if I write the letter the next day!


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