Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Winter Update

Hello out there beyond the snowbank!

In a couple of months we'll be updating this blog with stories of our winter. But right now we wanted to say a special thank you to all those who have sent us letters and amazing care packages. Our taste buds have been thoroughly spoiled and it was wonderful to hear of your lives out in society.

Because of everyone’ s generosity we are plenty stocked with tasty goodies for many a coming month. Therefore we are taking down the old care package list.
If suddenly it pops back up you'll know that the battle with the neighborhood squirrel was lost and the little booger managed to "capture the flag" by making off with all our chocolate bars.

But have no fear! we have been busy building barricades; playing with metal @ negative degree temps while dangling off the back of the cache. Great fun.
And so, as we dare each other to stick our tongues on the new barricades, while claiming that cabin fever doesn't exist , we would love to receive notes, letters and rants about your lives in the Outside.
However, if you send us letters about your wonderful time in the Florida Keys or other such place, we expect complimentary tickets to be included as compensation for your outright cruelty.

If you are just itchin to send us a care packages we always welcome:
  • sony Memory sticks and compact flash memory sticks of all sizes so we can continue to get images out on the web.
  • journals to keep our pens moving and life documenting
  • and of course we always welcome gifts of basic staples: Sugar, flour, powdered milk, oats, tomato paste, baking soda, noodles and rice.

  • If you are thinking of buying bulk food you may want to drag a few friends along and buy direct from Span Alaska Sales; they will deliver directly to our PO Box.
    Once again thank you to everyone for all the wonderful letters and packages. We hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful winter.
    - heather and ryan